About Us


Here at Legacy Tattoos & Piercing, we want to make sure that every person who walks through our doors is treated like they are a part of our family! We want everyone to have the best experience in getting tattooed and pierced. We strive to make sure everyone's tattoos are personal and unique. Check out our artists' portfolios. They all are amazing artists and have a true passion for art and the art of tattooing. We are a professional, drug-free, attitude-free shop. We are all about art and not in the industry just for the "lifestyle" like some other places. Come join our family, here at LEGACY TATTOOS & PIERCING in Beebe, AR!!!! Let us create some art for you!

Maeve is the "el'presidente". She is also the piercer here at Legacy Tattoos & Piercing. She's been piercing for 11 years, from Los Angeles to Arkansas, from the simplest piercings, to the ones that make you giggle...

Jerem is one of the tattoo artist on duty. He's been tattooing full time since late '99. He has tattooed in Los Angles, Kansas, Missouri, and now Arkansas. He is very talented at custom tattoos, black & grey, cover-ups, rejuvenation of tattoos, color tattoos, portraits, etc. 

Brittany is our other tattoo artist here. She has been tattooing in Arkansas for the past 10 years. She is also very talented at custom tattoos, portraits, photo-realism, color tattoos, cover-ups, black & grey, etc.

David has been tattooing for 5 years in Arkansas. He specializes in traditional tattoos. He is a very talented with a passion for tattooing.